Verité Workers’ Occupational Health and Safety Project Launched

Verité recently launched a two-year occupational health and safety project for workers. The focus of the project is to cultivate and improve the occupational health and safety literacy, knowledge and skills of front-line employees, so as to help improve the occupational health and safety management, bring tangible benefits to workers and improve the well-being of workers. Verité works with internationally renowned brands to carry out this activity in their supplier factories.

Under the guidance and support of Verité, the project factories will carry out learning activities related to occupational health and safety and life skills in the form of “workers’ learning club”, including online and offline parts. Verité strives to break through the traditional training mode, transfer knowledge in a mutual, interactive, flexible and interesting way, promote the formation of good occupational health and safety habits of workers, and cultivate a number of backbone forces in each factory to lead workers to learn.

During many years of work in supply chain management and workers’ welfare project, Verité found that the training, resources and social support available to front-line employees in factories are very limited. Most factories do not have practical methods and resources to provide workers with occupational health and safety training closely related to their own needs and well-being, and it is difficult to implement the 24 pre-job training required by national safety and health laws. This project will help to solve this problem, help supply chain factories to establish a sustainable staff training mechanism, and provide effective learning tools and materials.