Companies Receiving Verité Training and Consulting Services Successfully Improved their EcoVadis Assessment Performance

Since May 2017, a total of eleven entry and middle level training sessions on “Optimizing EcoVadis Evaluation Performance” have been held in Shenzhen and Shanghai by Verité trainers, with a total of more than 120 representatives from 97 companies in more than 70 industries have received training. As of January 2019, 71% of the companies that have submitted the questionnaire have improved their scores, an average increase of 9 points, with an improvement rate of 25%.

The trainees who participated in the training said that Verité training has benefited them a lot, the quality of the training is high, and the teaching method is novel. After training, they pay more attention to the relevance of the documents when preparing documents, provide various company information, including policies and implementation documents, in a more objective manner, and reflect the company’s operating status to customers in a concise and clear way. The trainees said that the interpretation and analysis of the EcoVadis standards by the Verité trainers are professional, and it will help enterprises to identify their issues and find solutions.

Verité will hold an advanced training on “Optimizing EcoVadis Evaluation Performance” on September 27, 2020, lasting for two days. The training content will focus on an in-depth understanding of EcoVadis evaluation standards and indicator system, the relevance of these standards to other CSR evaluation standards and local laws and regulations, and through actual cases, explore the requirements of these standards for corporate management and how to establish and implement CSR management system to achieve compliance and continuous improvement.

Those companies that have passed the assessment are welcome to participate in the refresh training, and EcoVadis account user companies are welcome to send more representatives to participate in the training. Let us work together to create a better future for corporate social responsibility!