Verité’s main business includes social audits, consulting, training and management system building. Since its establishment, we have partnered with thousands of multinational companies, factories, and institutional investors to illuminate labor rights violations in supply chains and improve their CSR performance to the benefits of workers and companies alike. Verité, as a recognized leader in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), applies unique approaches with specific and practical goals in its CSR auditing, training, consulting and capacity building.

Charitable Activities

In 2010, two years after the Wenchuan earthquake, due to lack of resources, the schools in Baoxing County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province still did not open the books donated by the community after the Wenchuan earthquake. The books were still lying quietly in cardboard boxes and piled up in a vacant room. Upon learning of this news, with the support of relevant leaders in Ya’an City and Baoxing County, Verité Company donated to a total of three schools: Tibetan Middle School and Primary School in Qiaoqi Township, and Yanjing Township Fengjingzhai Yanjing Central Primary School with bookshelves, to help the schools build a library and book corners in the classrooms, to make full use of the books, so that every child can enjoy the fun of reading. Reading can change children’s life. For children who are in remote areas and lack of resources, good books can build a bridge to a better future for them. However, children’s reading habits need to be developed from an early age. Simply moving books from a box to a shelf may not be enough to develop children’s reading habits. Therefore, Verité Company decided to set up a “Verité Reading Fund” to encourage teachers and students to read more books, write diligently, and think well.

Since 2011, with the support of Baoxing County Education Bureau, Verité Reading Fund has been distributed in the three schools. The fund is divided into two components: “Teacher Reading Fund” and “Student Reading Fund”. Teachers are encouraged to read, and they would encourage students to read. Participating schools organize reading notes awards every year, and the winners receive recognition from the school and a small bonus. As of 2019, 1,557 students and 273 teachers participated in the activity. The students’ reading enthusiasm, reading and expression skills have been improved significantly. In 2015, Yang Kang, a student of Qiaoqi Tibetan Middle School, used his reading note “Unity of Loyalty and Personality” in Verité reading activities participating in the “2014 National Ministry of Education-China Mobile Project Love Reading Essay Activity”, and won the national first prize, and as the sole representative of Sichuan Province went to Shandong to attend the award ceremony.

First Prize Winners of Reading Festival in Yanjing Primary School – 2014

Library – bookshelves donated by Verite

Library – students are reading

Merit Awards of Reading Festival in Yanjing Primary School – 2012

Merit Awards of Reading Festival in Yanjing Primary School – 2014

Reading Festival Award Ceremony in Qiaoqi Primary School – 2012

Reading Festival Award Ceremony in Qiaoqi Primary School – 2014

Reading Festival Award Ceremony in Yanjing Primary School – 2015

Reading Makes Me Happy – Hand-written newspaper competition in Qiaoqi Primary School

Reading Notes Exhibition in Qiaoqi Primary School

Script Contest Qiaoqi Middle School – 2018

Second Prize Winners of Reading Festival in Yanjing Primary School – 2012

Second Prize Winners of Reading Festival in Yanjing Primary School – 2015

Corporate Culture

Verité is a professional organization dedicated to off corporate social responsibility service and supply chain management service, and is one of the industry leaders. We provide knowledge and tools, and through capacity building, to improve the working conditions of the supply chain and the level of corporate social responsibility management. We are not only a socially responsible organization, but also an enterprise full of human care. Verité has been committed to helping employees improve their abilities and qualities, and is committed to the construction of the company’s corporate culture. Reading is an important part of it. Every year, Verité provides books to its employees according to their own wishes and needs, helps employees develop reading habits, develops employees’ thinking and writing skills, and allows employees to open their horizons and enrich themselves after busy work. Verité has tried every means to motivate employees to read more, read good books, and write reading notes, and recommend the outstanding works to be published in public journals. Under the double encouragement of spirit and material, our colleagues in the company keep reading and writing, and every year there are wonderful articles published. In addition, the company also holds a photography contest every year to encourage everyone to record life with mobile phones and cameras, and discover and capture the beauty of the ordinary life anytime and anywhere. The company will collect photos of work, life and travel and articles written by the employees into a yearbook. The company also holds singing competitions, team sports meets and culinary competitions from time to time, enriching everyone’s spare time.