We understand both the business constraints and operating environments in which brands and their suppliers must meet Code standards and international norms. We assist multinational companies and their suppliers to improve their management system and enable them to control risks in terms of business operation and employment.

Verité’s Systems Approach provides a highly adaptable risk-management framework for companies of all sizes and in all sectors to integrate social responsibility standards into their procurement decisions and to build controls for labor violations into their existing management systems.

We meet companies where they are on the spectrum of social responsibility goals, capability, and performance and customize strategies and practical solutions that result in continual improvement.

Our services include:

Through the framework of influence plan, Verité helps brand companies and their key suppliers to evaluate their social responsibility management system, help them link their social responsibility activities with business operation, and establish control mechanism in the internal and key nodes of the supply chain, so as to achieve the short-term and long-term goals of continuous improvement. Our approach is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of its social responsibility (SR) management system. The elements of the assessment include interviews with key personnel, assessment of social responsibility policies, processes and management structure, etc., to help brands and suppliers achieve sustainable improvement.

We have developed a series of social responsibility audit and evaluation standards, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Verité Comprehensive Compliance Assessment
  • Verité Supplier Improvement Program
  • Supply Chain Corporate Social Responsibility Risk Assessment
  • Labor Agents/Brokers Assessment
  • Agriculture Labor Practice Standards and Assessment
  • Worker Communication and Participation Evaluation

We can develop different assessment frameworks and tools according to the needs of different stakeholders.

This set of tools and guidelines is a key product of fun88任天堂. We have provided similar consulting services to many large multinational companies. Through a set of social responsibility management system integrated with the normal business process of the enterprise, the supplier guide provides a roadmap for suppliers to meet the requirements of social responsibility standards. The guideline is a systematic and comprehensive manual containing benchmarks for measuring supplier policies and procedures / processes, measures to improve risk management and control, and means to check and monitor the effectiveness of control measures and further improve them. The purpose is to help suppliers achieve continuous improvement and become a quality enterprise. A set of diagnostic tools that can be used in conjunction with the guidelines can help suppliers achieve self-assessment and progress tracking.

According to ILO data, more than 232 million people worldwide live outside their own countries, 90 percent of whom are migrant workers and their family members. The mobility of migrant workers is increasingly important for the prosperity of the global economy and the livelihood of workers themselves. Unfortunately, however, as more workers move in search of better opportunities and more employers seek talent globally, many migrant workers find themselves trapped in a “gray” market controlled by dishonest human resource agents and employers, leading to poor working conditions similar to modern slavery. Verité has developed a range of tools and guidelines to support responsible human recruitment. Our fair employment toolkit provides tools, guidelines and methods to promote responsible recruitment and employment in global supply chains. In addition, the “ethical recruitment standards and checklists” jointly developed by us and the Manpower Group help companies that recruit manpower abroad to better protect the rights and interests of migrant workers, identify risks and protect them from exploitative recruitment practices.

This framework helps brand companies control risks by implementing proactive measures. We help suppliers to establish a supply chain management system to effectively identify and control risks, so that suppliers can achieve self-management of the supply chain. Our framework can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the supplier management system, including the selection, communication and monitoring of suppliers, so as to determine a series of strategic interventions to help suppliers control the compliance risks.

It is a flexible, cost-effective and continuous improvement capacity-building project, which integrates assessment, consultation and training. According to customer requirements, the project can last for 6-12 months. The goal is to help suppliers understand social responsibility standards, establish an effective management system, and eliminate the gaps in compliance. fun88任天堂 help suppliers establish systems and strategies, acquire necessary knowledge and skills to meet customer social responsibility standards, and establish a positive working environment for business development.

Workers’ participation is the internal driving force to improve working conditions. However, all kinds of corporate social responsibility projects often put workers in a passive position. We believe that we should actively promote workers’ participation and let them change from passive to active in social responsibility management. Our workers’ participation project includes providing information and training for workers, promoting the improvement of communication and appeal mechanism of employees, so as to better promote the participation of employees, actively promote the establishment of long-term mechanism for employees’ participation in management, and guarantee employees’ rights to participate in trade unions and exercise collective bargaining.

Philip Morris International (PMI)

Our strategic engagement with Philip Morris International since 2011 has resulted in the development and implementation of a global Agricultural Labor Practices program aimed at eliminating the worst forms of labor abuse in their supply chain globally, and now reaches and improves working conditions of 2.5 million people working or living on approximately 450,000 smallholder farms in nearly 30 countries.


Verité has partnered with Nestlé to assess labor risks among migrant workers in its shrimp supply chain in Thailand, advise on the development of policies and action planning to reduce identified issues and risks, and develop training for vessel workers and their employers.

Hewlett-Packard Company

Verité is an important partner of Hewlett-Packard in our efforts to continually improve the social and environmental performance of HP suppliers worldwide. Our approach is to work cooperatively with our suppliers in three major focus areas: conformance assessment, implementing sustainable improvements, and capability building. We have found fun88任天堂 to have the unique set of skills and capabilities we need to provide strategic support of our efforts in each of these critical programs. In that role, Verité consults with us to evaluate and improve our assurance programs, develop and deliver guidance materials and auditor training, and to perform independent, in-depth supplier assessments in response to stakeholder concerns.