EcoVadis 评审系统培训


As a sustainability assessment platform, EcoVadis provides a rating and scorecard on companies’ sustainability performance in terms of labor conditions, environmental protection, and business ethics. The assessment methodology covers 150 purchasing categories and 21 corporate social responsibility (CSR) indicators. Since EcoVadis’ founding a decade ago, over 30,000 companies in 110 countries have used the platform to assess and improve their CSR performance in order to reduce business risks, drive innovation, and foster transparency and trust between trading partners.

fun88任天堂中国(Verité China)是EcoVadis在大中华地区的官方合作伙伴,为参与EcoVadis评审的企业提供培训和咨询服务。我们的目标是帮助企业优化其对EcoVadis评审的回复,提升企业改善社会责任绩效的内在能力。 根据企业在参与EcoVadis评审的不同阶段,我们提供三种形式的培训和针对企业需求而量身定制的咨询服务。

Verité is the official partner of EcoVadis in greater China, providing training and consulting services to companies and supplier factories responding to the EcoVadis evaluation. Our goal is to help companies optimize their assessment response and cultivate the internal capacity for improving CSR performance. We offer three different types of trainings and customized consulting services designed for suppliers at any stage of the EcoVadis assessment.