Verité’s solutions-oriented training programs are designed to build practical tools, knowledge and skills in strengthening the management of supply chain risks. 

Our programs help bridge gaps in systems and business processes, overcome implementation obstacles, deepen commitment to SR values, create sustainable improvements, and empower workers to participate in solutions.

RBA Labor and Ethics Lead Auditor Certification Training

Since 2010, fun88任天堂 developed and conducted RBA (formerly EICC) Labor and Ethics Lead Auditor Certification Training, an IRCA certified course worldwide. Successful completion of this course fulfills the training requirement for certifying labor and ethics auditors as RBA Labor & Ethics Lead Auditors. The highly interactive five-day workshop covers social systems auditing, investigative skills, management systems, validation, and reporting as well as the RBA Validated Audit Process. The course also includes an online self-study module covering the background and context of the RBA program, common labor issues, compliance and legal standards, and other knowledge content.


Training on EcoVadis Evaluation

Verité is the sole official partner of EcoVadis in greater China, providing training and consulting services to companies and supplier factories responding to the fun88任天堂 evaluation. Our goal is to help companies optimize their assessment response and cultivate the internal capacity for improving CSR performance. We offer three different types of trainings and customized consulting services designed for suppliers at any stage of the EcoVadis assessment.


Training on SLCP

Verité is a signatory of SLCP; a qualified verifier and training body, can provide SLCP verification and enterprise training services. With our rich experience in social responsibility management of the shoe and clothing industry, we can evaluate the integrity and accuracy of your self-assessment data professionally and objectively to help your enterprise quickly complete the SLCP verification and obtain verification report, and create a safe and healthy workplace with respect for workers’ rights. Our social responsibility training is unique, innovative, and entertaining, which is well received by enterprises.


Social Compliance Professional Development Program

As a professional organization engaged in the field of social responsibility for more than 20 years, Verité combines its rich experiences in auditing and consulting, as well as the training experiences of social responsibility auditors, to launch the professional development course for social compliance professionals, aiming to provide professional training from entry level to leaders for practitioners. It covers the professional knowledge, skills, awareness and professional ethics required by practitioners at different stages of their career developments. It includes both regular phased courses and thematic courses. CSR professionals can choose courses or topics according to their own needs.


Supplier Capacity Building Series

In the process of promoting the continuous improvement of corporate social responsibility management, we often hear complaints: enterprises lack of corresponding policies and procedures to ensure the implementation of social responsibility standards, managers do not understand the social responsibility standards, lack of corresponding knowledge and skills, business departments quarrel with each other, leading to many problems repeatedly. To promote social responsibility work, not only need to have a strong social responsibility management structure, policies and procedures, coordination and communication of various departments, but also the advancement of social responsibility consciousness and the skills of relevant staff.
fun88任天堂 supplier capacity building course has been carried out for more than 20 years, contents including the unique interpretation of the concept of social responsibility, the interpretation of customer code of conduct standards and the discussion of gray areas in implementation, the basic knowledge of health, safety and environment, the basic framework of effective social responsibility management system, and the construction of harmonious labor relations.


Worker Well-being Offline Training and Online Courses

Workers are the businesses’ most valuable asset, worker capability building is an important task of human resource management. Companies not only need to create a positive work environment in a safe and healthy workplace, they also need to attach importance to worker well-being from a variety of standpoints. These include interpersonal relationships, stress management, infectious disease prevention, nutrition and health, family finances, education for children and parents, etc. Addressing these aspects of a workers’ life are all important to establishing a harmonious work and life environment and create a positive workplace. Verité’s worker well-being training program includes offline training and online learning courses that are practical and affordable for suppliers of international brands.
Offline Training: In in-person training, we can customize the training courses for companies/factories’ needs. Adult learning principles are applied in teaching, interactive games, pictures, and case studies are used to allow workers to master course material related to labor law, well-being, and life skills among other topics in a relaxed learning environment.
Online Course: Offering through Verité Training Website, we deliver 40 e-learning courses in on occupational health and safety (OHS) related issues, life skills, and labor rights that teach through entertainment to increase comprehension and retention of information and problem-solving. Interactive quizzes measure each student’s reactions and understanding of the new knowledge and behaviors taught.


Our training programs provide practical tools, skills, and knowledge to brands’ staff, factory management, CSR professionals and auditor, as well as workers globally on the topics such as:
  • Verité Systems Approach (VSA) for Brands, Suppliers, and Auditors
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Lead Auditor Investigative Skills
  • Code of Conduct and Special Issues for Suppliers
  • Life Skills for Workers

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Pentland Brands

Pentland Brands are very pleased to have worked with Verité in the design and delivery of our global Modern Slavery training. Engaging people and cultures worldwide require a partner with global reputation, experience and reach. Verité ticked all the boxes.

Eileen Fisher

Since 2002, Verité has partnered with EILLEN FISHER to train their factory workers in China on how to participate in improving workplace conditions. Verité’s staff and subject matter experts facilitate on-site workshops engaging factory workers in interactive sessions on a variety of topics including China labor law, workplace health and safety, and elective modules on health, hygiene, and social skill. The training program educates workers on their labor and human rights, and empowers them to exercise those rights. Along with providing training for factory workers, Verité also provides training workshops for EILEEN FISHER factory managers in China. In order to encourage collaboration, these trainings typically bring all managers to a single site in Shenzhen, China. The workshops cover subjects ranging from environmental sustainability to factory management systems to EILEEN FISHER workplace values.